35 thoughts I had on my first long haul flight

Okay so October 2017 saw my first long haul flight, ever. Yes, ever. I have managed to make it to 27yrs old without suffering jet lag and more importantly avoiding using a plane toilet ? (if you know me, you know my aversion to public loos). 

Well I had to get over both of these on our recent trip to New York, which you can read all about over on my work blog.

So in all my excitement, I thought I’d give you a run down on the thoughts I had on my first long haul flight…

  1. Wow this plane is posh!
  2. Omg don’t get too excited at the leather seats!
  3. The air actually smells clean!
  4. Wait, I’m not cramped in the middle?
  5. EVEN better now we have just two of us on the row
  6. So this entertainment system is pretty cool
  7. Omg they have 13 going on 30 AND SATC ??
  8. I hate these headphones, they never stay in my ears
  9. Ooh free booze! Yes, I’d love a wine…
  10. Wow I have a PINT of wine ?
  11. And it’s actually nice!
  12. Oh god, plane food. I’ll have the pasta as I don’t trust the chicken
  13. Ooh this is actually yummy!
  14. Ok my back is starting to hurt
  15. I wonder if I stretch my legs out if James will rub my feet?
  16. He’s such a good boy, rubbing my feet
  17. Films finished, so let’s read!
  18. Oh god, I think I need to pee.
  19. Man has just gone into the loo, I’ll wait for a while
  20. Right, I’ll wait longer as he’s been in there AGES ?
  21. Only 20 pages in but this book is INCRED
  22. I wanna keep reading but it’s too dark ?
  23. Guy in front just reclined his seat. Mega annoying, now my screen is titled #FirstWorldProblems ?
  24. Right, time to brace this toilet
  25. This is rank. Rank and small
  26. How on earth do people manage to have sex in these things ?
  27. Speaking of sex, pretty awkward watching a sex scene on the plane…. make that multiple sex scenes. Damn you SATC ?
  28. Why did I watch SATC, it always makes me cry.
  29. Don’t cry on the plane
  30. God I’m crying on the plane ?
  31. 3 times. What’s my deal
  32. Going to try and snooze
  33. Nope, not happening. Another film it is
  34. God Dodgeball is hilarious! But please just laugh and stop this surpressed snorting, Franki ?
  35. Aaaand we’re landing in NYC. That wasn’t so bad…!

I must admit, I had several giggles to myself whilst documenting the above; the novelty of it all made me feel like a child. But the awkward sex scenes in the Sex and the City movie were the worst, I felt like I was being caught watching a porno ??

And the Mile High Club has never appealed to me less.


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  1. Jeanette
    October 27, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    Love this…made me laugh so much. And you acted so cool I would never have guessed ? x

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