Be your own inspiration for 2018

My tips on how to be your own inspiration for 2018

Ah, December 31st. The end of another year. The day on which your newsfeed will be flooded with reflections, photos of everyone’s year and the goals they have for the coming months.

These kinda posts can go one of these ways with you; they either inspire you to go out and make something happen for yourself, make you feel rubbish for not having as ‘great’ a year as someone else or just think, ‘meh’.

Lol, or you can be a mixture of all three and feel really hyped by something, then figure it’s too hard or unattainable and then think ‘meh’ and abandon the plans you set out that first week of January.

Sound familiar?

OMG that was me last year. I had really planned to get my shit together and do so much, training wise, life admin wise, health wise and it just seemed to go to pot. My back pain set me back a lot with training and therefore health, my looming op date back in June, and subsequent time off after, led me to become lazy with workouts. Oh I could go on. There was always an excuse!

But not this year. I really don’t have an excuse. I have all these ideas on where I want to be in life and goddammit, I’m another year closer to 30 and I need to get cracking on some more things from my list!

This brings me to the point of my post today on how to be your own inspiration, without worrying how you compare to other people.


I love a list. It’s the inner control freak that lives inside me. I write lists for everything; even when I’m cleaning…? I also like to write a list at the beginning of each month of things I want to do, see, and achieve and at the end of the month, I evaluate what I’ve done. If I have to move something into the following month, it encourages me to get it done, that way, I get that sense of achievement or satisfaction. Try it!


This is a great one. For my 26th birthday, a friend gave me a Memory a Day for 5 Years book and I love it. I can honestly say I have a memory written in it for each day since March 25th 2016 and I love to look back on it. Training achievements, work goals and Jonah-isms provide great reading but also spur me on. Oh I managed to deadlift xxx back in May 2016? I wanna do it again! Hence, my own inspiration.

Goal setting

Since we’ve lived together, James and I sit down on New Year’s Day and write a list of personal and professional goals for the coming year, not before reflecting on the previous year’s goals of course. It proved to be a great way of staying on track, certainly for James. We haven’t been through them for 2017 yet, but I know I have failed most of them.

But that’s ok, too. 2017 has been a bit of a write off for me anyway. I am more determined than ever to get back on it with food, training and sorting out my inner health. Honestly.

I hope that you can use some of the tips above to help sculpt your next year and to remember that just because someone else is telling the world about all the greatness they had in the last year, it doesn’t mean they didn’t fail at something, too.

It’s social media after all

Peace and Love for 2018! Enjoy your celebrations, whatever they may beĀ ?


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