Beauty on a Budget: The Primark Edit

Beauty on a budget: The Primark Edit


“Hi, I’m Franki and I’m a Primark Addict”


It’s true. From fashion and beauty items to activewear and home goodies, Primark is my go to shop. I think my addiction started when I was around 14 and my dad kitted out a family of 5 for a summer holiday for little more than £100…

I’m not ashamed to say that I love a bargain, I always have. I hate spending money if I don’t NEED to…
Over the last ten or so years, I have had many a compliment on my outfit choices, a statement piece I have on or a new lip colour and I’d say a good 95% of the time, I respond with “thanks, it’s a Primark!”
But rather than just my new favourite camel jacket and pleather skirt, I am actually SO impressed with their makeup! So much so, I thought, I’d do a little review post on some of the great products I have been using lately.

The Base

Beauty on a budget - primark!

Concealer in Ivory, BB Cream in Nude Beige, Under eye colour corrector, Perfect Finish Foundation in Ivory

I have to say, the first two products have become my must haves! The coverage is amazing for two products that, together, cost £7! I initially purchased them for light coverage, something to take the edge off the dullness and redness of my skin but wow, they have staying power. I recently spent a day out with the girls and only reapplied the concealer once!

The colour corrector stick is good, but a little hard. I found that I had to really work some into my fingers and use a small brush to pat-apply – using my finger didn’t really work.

Now the foundation…meh! It’s ok, but I found it a little sticky. It also wore off within an hour or two and left weird orange patches – the BB cream looked, went on and lasted a lot better than the foundation.

Total Spend on The Base: £11.50 (or take off £2.50 for the foundation and you’ve got your base for under a tenner!)



The Eyes

beauty on a budget - primark!

Eyeshadow palette in Nude, Lash Contour Mascara in Black, 3-in-1 Brow pencil in Dark Brown

Ok I also love these products!! My Nudes palette is the latest addition to my makeup bag and I AM IN LOVE! The selection ranges from a shimmery white and muted pink for those perfect bases to a deep brown and metallic copper for the accentuations. Again, I have created the same eye look on a few occasions recently to test the staying power and I’d give it an 8/10, It was about 7 hours before I started to notice I needed to touch up.

Oh now this mascara is pretty special and it comes with a double sided brush for that all important volume. Now, I am already blessed with lovely long lashes, but a bit of extra help never hurt! Applying this bad boy after a quick use of their eyelash curler often has people asking if I have lash extensions… and just for £2.50!!

Brow pencils have come such a long way since the eyeliner-looking days, haven’t they?! This handy little tool perfectly mimics the other branded versions, but this one also comes with a brow brush to do the taming first! You can then choose to use the powder or the creamy, retractable pencil (or both for a really full look) to sculpt your ideal brow, and it lasts all day! Again, only £2.50 as opposed to the bigger named products.

Total spend for The Eyes: £9!


The Cheeks

beauty on a budget - Primark!

Bronze Glow Bronzing Powder in Sun Dipped and PS Insta Girl Flash Photo Powder in Paparazzi 

I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to the whole contouring malarky…I’ve tried it and looked no different, tried it and looked too stripy and tried it again and looked like a drag queen. Soooo its fair to say I try and avoid doing it! But for a lovely bronzed glow on the cheeks and temples, this is ideal! The Insta Girl powder is ok, but be careful not to put too much on..!

Total Spend for the Cheeks: £5

The Lips




Lip Gloss in Lip liner and crayon in Wine, High Shine lip gloss/stick in Blush but probs discontinued now, and Perfect Shine Lipgloss in Red

Ok so the liner and the crayon are brilliant, great coverage and colour is beautiful; I have these in several colours and they are my go to staples. The lip gloss was purchased as an experiment when I was testing out which reds suited me and it’s fair to say, this didn’t. In fact it was very gloopy and didn’t stay put at all. The ‘Wet Look’ would certainly be a way to describe it! James even said to me, “If you were wearing that on a night out, I’d avoid you!” ?Whereas the high-shine lipstick/gloss (not pictured as it’s really old and used!) is a great, multi-use colour. It perfectly moisturises your lips whilst also giving a nice nudey/pink tint to the lip. Perfect for everyday use.

Total spend for the Lips: £5.50. Or £3 if you take off the gloopy lip gloss!


The Brushes

Beauty on a budget - Primark

Here we have the three main brushes I use; the liquid foundation brush, dual ended Lip Brush and dual ended angled eye brush – except I use the lip brush for my eyes, instead!

Firstly, the foundation brush. Bearing in mind I use the BB Cream, this brush works just as well. The coverage is light and even and the soft bristles make it easy to apply product. (They are even nicer when I’ve given them a was using Herbal Essences 0% Shampoo..!)

The lip (or eye) brush in the middle is my favourite due to the cone shaped, soft bristle brush on one end. I usually use this to highlight the tops of my eye or the inner corners, whilst the flat end allows you to gradually build up a base colour; perfect if you prefer to start off small and eventually over dramatise..!

The bottom brow tamer doesn’t get used as much any more now that I have one in the eyebrow pencil above, but I do use this one with a little bit of hairspray every now and then if I have pesky brows straying out of line (most days). Lastly, the angled brush gives a wonderfully soft line, perfect for lining the top lids with a dark powder if you want a softer look than the one you might get from using a liquid liner. It’s the perfect ‘day eye’ substitute.

Total spend on the Brushes: £4.50 although I am replacing all my older brushes (bronzer / blusher) and trying my hand at contouring so I expect this to increase soon!

So there you have it, my run down on how I do beauty on a budget. I don’t wear make up enough to justify spending over £100 on a few items so I’m quite happy with my haul that’s cost me just over £30!!


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