You are what you eat…?

You are what you eat…?

So, your nutrition plays a massive part in your overall weight loss / muscle gain / strength building goals – you may hit the gym or pound the pavement 4-5 times a week, but if you don’t eat right, you aren’t really going to make a huge difference to your overall body composition. As previously mentioned in my first post, finding what works for you is key, so I am going to share with you a couple of protocols I have followed recently and tell you all about my newest goal….

Back in September 2012, I decided that I wanted to train to compete in something. That something turned out to be Olympic Lifting. It comprises of two very technical lifts; The Snatch, and The Clean and Jerk.

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To compete in OL, you have to fall into a weight category – for females this is >53kg, >58kg, >63kg etc. when I started training, I weighed just under 57kg, but a quick look at the lifting total for ladies of my category told me I either had to get mega strong in a short period of time, or drop the weight to under 53kg. Both sounded a little drastic, but we decided the weight cut would be the better option.

Thus began my quest to drop the KGs. Now, this wasn’t the go ahead for me to not eat anything and train, train, train – that would be extremely detrimental to not only my physical, but also mental health, we looked at my food intake and tried to source where I could make some changes.

Fish and Greens
The first way we tried was the Fish and Greens Protocol. What’s Fish and Greens? Um, well, it is exactly as it sounds – all you consume for at least 5 days is Fish (any kind) and Green Veg. Oh, and as much water as you like. And that’s it. Sounds pretty grim to most people doesn’t it?! But if you can be creative with your food, you can certainly enjoy F&G! I thought I’d hate it, and it strikes fear in the hearts of many of the EBW Cliental – some find it easy, others last about 8 hours…! I will share some F&G Recipes in another post soon. 

Same Meat all Day
The next protocol I tried was to eat the same meat, in different variations, 3 times a day. This was a great way to see which meats I reacted to – good or bad as this had a major impact on not only my weight but also my Biosignature readings ( this I will cover in my next post)! For this I would make curries or chillies from scratch and eat throughout the day, or roast chicken for breakfast with chicken kebabs for lunch with a pan fried variation for dinner.
5 Meals a Day
This one worked best for me, I started eating 120g of meat, 5 times a day with a bit of veg at the set times below depending on my training schedule;


I gradually reduced this down to 80g per meal as I couldn’t stomach so much meat! This was the equivalent to 1 sausage per meal. The great thing was though, I always felt full and my training didn’t suffer at all. As you’ll see below, my weight steadily went down, as well as my body fat.

I competed in my first Olympic Lifting Competition in April, weighing in at 53.3kgs, but still  managed to get below this to 52.8kgs…just!

Regrettably, I had to give up Olympic Lifting which was a bit of a blow, but now I am refocusing and setting myself a new goal….but you’ll have to look out for the next blog which will reveal what I am now (hoping) to train for!

In light of this, my focus and targets when it comes to food have now shifted to the other end of the scale – not to put lots of weight on, but to increase my muscle mass and reduce my body fat further. I will be taking up the challenge of consuming 600g of meat, 50g of carbs and 100g of fat a day, over as many meals as I can. Any, good quality meat, carbs in the form of sweet potato, oats, adding carb powders to my Post Workout protein shakes, and fats through cooking with butters / coconut oil, a teaspoon of nut butter or a handful of nuts. I have to point out here, fats are good for you, well, GOOD fats are good for you! Notice none of my fats will come from processed food or sugar.

This may not sound like a great deal to some, but for a small lady who is used to small meals, this will be like Man Vs. Food for a while! When I started this blog at 5:45am this morning (pre work out) I sat here with my cup of black organic coffee waiting for chicken to cook…200g of it…it took me half an hour to eat it all, scoffing the last bit on the way to the car (not recommended before a leg session!)….maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to try it for the first time so early in the morning!

I would be interested to hear any goals you have when it comes to training or nutrition, it may even give me inspiration for another blog 🙂

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