We all have to start somewhere…

We all have to start somewhere…

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I’m Franki, a Fitness enthusiast with plenty of Drive, Determination and Dedication! I wanted to start a blog to not only track and publish my own progress as I work towards my goals, but also to hopefully help others in their quest to get leaner and stronger too.

Let me just say, this won’t be a place for me to dictate and lecture you on what I follow and why, as I said, I’d like to think I can continue to help motivate others and also share your views on the Health and Fitness Industry – a range of opinions is healthy!

I am currently an admin for a Facebook group WOW – Wobbles of Women – a small closed group of ladies who are all following their chosen H&F routines and a place where we share weekly weigh in’s, achievements and food ideas. I found this very useful and insightful, hence why I am broadcasting a little wider now

Let’s start by giving you a quick overview of my background in Fitness…

Summer 2011


So, the photo above shows me, enjoying a family camping trip in the New Forest. Upon returning from said trip and seeing the photos, I was mortified (up until then, I had avoided being in front of a camera like the plague..!)

I was a size 14 here…some my say there is nothing wrong with being this size, which there isn’t, I just realised how unhealthy I had become, considering I was always quite petite.

I knew something had to change. Luckily for me (according to a lot of ladies), my boyfriend, James Smith, owner of Elite-Bodyworks (EBW), is a Strength and Conditioning Coach which was a great start! Now, I am not just plugging his company here, but James, the EBW team and clients have a lot to do with my progress and continual improvement and will feature quite often in my coming blogs – just so you know 🙂

Over the last two years, I have adopted a whole new lifestyle, both physically and mentally. As you know, there are so  many different ‘diets’ and weight loss programmes and products on the market, it makes it hard to a) pick one to start with, and b) stick to it!

Too many options that promise a ‘quick fix’ to draw the consumer in, which are usually radical and ultimately ineffective, are plastered all over the T.V., Radio and Social Media, so it is easy to become confused by what you see and read.

It’s all about finding what works for you and what doesn’t, and I have chosen my dietary lifestyle based on research and transformations surrounding those in favour of the Paleo Lifestyle.


In a nutshell – how cavemen would have eaten. “Real” food – fresh, food such as meat, vegetables and a small amount of fruit. I don’t calorie count, as with my training regime, I need a certain amount of calories and good fats (from Nuts, Oils etc.) to help aid growth and repair.

You’ll notice the above is ‘low carb’ – yep, no breads, rices, processed foods, sugar etc – sounds like a nightmare to most people! Yes, it is hard to start with, but with time it becomes so much easier, especially when you start seeing the results!

Coupled with the above, I adopted a new training programme – my training is all focused around free weights and body weight exercise; something which I found to enjoy far more than my previous attempts at ‘getting fit’ – running and resistance machines!

So my following blogs will be about the training I do, along with some workout ideas that others may want to try, I will also include posts on my nutrition and share some tasty recipes I have picked up and tailor made to suit me, as well as plenty of photos – everyone loves a photo!

On that note, I will end with my most recent ‘transformation’ photo. These were taken 2 weeks apart – the first being upon my return from a wedding in Slovakia – a lot of bread, sugar and wine had been consumed! The other being last Friday, which inspired me to start blogging after seeing for myself what a difference of two weeks back on the clean eating can do!

franki 2


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