It’s all in the Hips…and the Thighs….and the Knees…!

It’s all in the Hips…and the Thighs….and the Knees…!

Firstly, a HUGE Thank You for all the kind words and support I have received so far about my first two posts – I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses and want for more blogs, so an even bigger thank you to all of you have read and shared them! They were viewed from several countries within the first 24 hours of being published!!

So, in my last post, I briefly touched on the ‘Biosignature’ (Biosig) modulation and promised a more detailed explanation; I won’t be too techy for fear of boring you, but here goes.


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Put simply, this is a way of measuring your body fat percentage – much different to BMI might I add. BMI takes into consideration your height, weight and gender to tell you where you sit on the healthy/obese scale – going by this, a 23 yr old 5’10” male with Abs and Buns of Steel ( not James 😉 ) weighing 85kg would be obese, technically – it is far to generic!

The Biosignature method was formulated by Charles Poliquin, a world renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach. It is based on your hormonal responses to food and supplements, combined with your weight. A Poliquin trained practitioner will take readings, using a set of callipers, from 12 sites around your body, 10 of which relate to hormones produced. This is explained in the below table.


I will admit, having my Biosig done for the first time was a scary experience – having all my fat bits pinched and pulled sounded less than ideal – but then so did lifting weights in the gym, but I got on and did that..! And it really wasn’t as bad as I had first imagined; no self conscious stripping off, no one sniggering at my wobbly tummy, just a professional and friendly trainer, who was just as interested in my goals as I was.

Once the readings are finished, you have an opportunity to look through them with your trainer and see what your priority sites are and discuss your next options in regards to food and training. Mine, like most people, flagged Insulin (muffin top and back fat) and Growth Hormone (sleep). My first ever body fat reading came in at 23.5% – a healthy reading for a women my age would be between 15-20% – so this highlighted that I was unhealthier than I thought!


This weekend, my sister Georgie, found the picture on the left of me (dammit, I really wasn’t as good at avoiding that camera as I thought!) and I saw just how far I had let myself go. It’s funny that you don’t notice it at the time, especially because those who see you everyday never notice, or don’t want to say. Now those people say ‘you weren’t that big’ or ‘I never realised…’ and ok, maybe I wasn’t, some people might argue that the woman on the left has a desirable, curvaceous, womanly figure. But to me, I feel I was far from that.

I’ll also admit that upon seeing this set of photos, I cried. I cried for ever getting to that stage. I cried at the fact that James had still loved me, despite my weight gain. I cried with gratitude that I got off my (then) big bum and DID something about it! I can’t imagine I would be where I am today if I hadn’t. I don’t just mean this in regards to the gym and my training, getting healthy has done wonders for my mental well being, it made my shattered confidence slowly piece back together, helped me land a new, more rewarding job and has now led me to here, writing this blog for you lovely people, in the hope I can pass on some of the positivity I have gained these last two years.

After wiping away my tears, and avoiding the remaining cookies I had bought earlier that day for my sisters visit, I saw the below photo. James had taken this for me during a morning session this weekend, after I, well, just mentioned that I would like my legs to be a teeny bit smaller – I wasn’t complaining about them as I am sure he would have you believe!


Anyway, after seeing this photo and thinking ‘actually, I look pretty good’ (yea yea, alright big head) I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself – I am literally half the girl I was 2 years ago – currently at 13% bodyfat and I STILL find something to jibe at myself for. It’s crazy! I suppose it is a woman thing, when are we ever happy?! Unless someone brings us chocolate. And then we get upset because we ‘shouldn’t eat it’. and then eat it anyway because we are upset and then take it out on someone else…Grrr…! 🙂

Can I also please point out that I would never actually just train in my sports bra…and that there were only 3 people in the gym, including me, when this photo was taken – just so you don’t get the wrong idea about me 😉

Hopefully that has given a little insight into the protocol I, and many of the EBW Clients, follow when training. There is so much more detail I could go into regarding Biosig and the hormonal influences our bodies are under in our quest for healthier lifestyles – please do let me know if you would like this detail and I will try my best incorporate this in a future post.

Franki x


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