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As you know, I am also a blogger for work! My pieces cover mainly travel related topics; which destinations you should be checking out, how to travel with just your hand luggage and even how destination weddings can save you money! View Post


Flying with Dementia

Over the last few months, we have been deliberating over our next big spotlight piece.

Septembers news that Heathrow is set to be the Worlds first Dementia¬†friendly airport piqued our interest…

Thus my report on Dementia in UK Airports was born… Let me know what you think!


Flying with Diabetes

In my day job, I write a lot about travel and it’s fair to say that a lot of my time and effort goes into these blogs and articles.

I have covered everything you can think of; how to travel with just your hand luggage, what it’s like travelling with Diabetes, tips for female solo travellers and even the best road trips around the world.

I can’t add the content to this blog, but if you’re interested, check out my snippets with links to the real blogs!

First up, my piece on travelling through UK Airports for those with Diabetes, based on customer research.