It’s 2017 already?

It’s 2017 already?

It’s become somewhat of a tradition in our household to jot down yearly goals at the start of the New Year and review them the following New Years Day. We’ve found it to not only be productive, but it’s made us proactive and accountable for the things we want to achieve. I’m pleased to say I achieved 4/5 goals set for 2016, and now a new list has been set, I am already hard at work to make them happen.

So what can I tell you about 2016? Well, it was a year of reflection and self deppreciation that’s for sure! Looking back at my training, relationships and lifestyle was actually quite difficult.

But why?

Last year was just so different to the few that had preceded it; I injured my back and therefore my training suffered, my Endo made a nasty return, I didn’t have any competitions to train for which meant I overindulged a lot. Safe to say 2016 felt like a bit of a let down.

Pretty silly to feel like that, isn’t it?

But for those of you that know me, you’ll know I’m a firm believer in ‘Everything Happens For a Reason‘. I wasn’t going to use back pain as an excuse to not train. Then I’d end up hating myself which is something I told you off for last time

Instead, I found a new goal. Something else to try (why not) and something else to inspire others with.

I’ve always loved dance and gymnastics, the freedom it allows you to have, the total and utter control you have of your body, the beauty it can create. Bear in mind though that I mean to say I like to watch both the arts, I was never any good myself!

So finding something that fits well with the strength I already have and the body weight training I love is great.

I started as a Calisthenics, or Street Workout, newbie in September with the goal of performing a muscle up.

Now, the unrealistic side of me said “Yep, I’ll have it by Christmas” ?  but if you’ve seen my latest video, you’ll see just how far off of that I am ?

I’ll tell you something, being the newbie is hard. It’s hard and it’s scary and when you feel you’re chucked in at the deep end, the whole world seems a little daunting. It’s hard going from the peak of your fitness, repping out bodyweight Barbell Squats and Deadlifts, to not being able to hold your own bodyweight in a straight line, something that on the outside looks so easy….


Be kind to the newbies!


Luckily I have found a group of likeminded individuals who all share a similar passion. Woj, our coach, is from a calisthenics and breakdancing background, Guy spent a few years as a dance teacher and free runner and Justin has been doing ariel strap work for the last 2 years or so. With such a vast array of talent & knowledge (not to mention testosterone) flying around, we certainly keep each other on our respective toes.


Adopted as an honorary lad

We regularly meet at the local gymnastics club and practice progressions together, be they human flag progressions, yoga, bar work, rope climbing or parkour. Or if you’re me, you’re idolising all the youngsters around who have no fear of anything. I’m so jealous. And fragile. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hurt my shoulders!

But it’s hard being the only girl sometimes when they forget you’re not a lad like they are…Cue awkward explanations that your bum or boobs are getting in the way of a certain move on the bar or your endo rears its ugly head mid workout and you’re wiped out and need a hot water and lemon…note to self, must work on decreasing the size of my beloved derrière. I’m sorry girls…needs must and all that!




I thought I’d hate being away from my normal gym, and to some extent I do. Especially when I’m watching the awesome EBW ladies continually hitting PBs or when they reach what were my PBs! Don’t get me wrong, it makes me a super proud coach!! Just makes me a little nostalgic…

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom, who knows what calisthenics training is going to do for my overall strength? (hopefully A LOT!) I’m so excited to find out…let’s see what 2017 has in store…!



What if indeed…these ladies have it right


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