Mum’s the word!

Mum’s the word!

‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘Ah, I’ve been bad with food already today, I may as well start again tomorrow’, ‘I have no-one to go to the gym with!’, ‘I ate healthily for a week but I am still no slimmer!’ ‘Diet starts on Monday..!’

All phrases that I am sure we have all muttered at some point!!

We all have busy lives; whether we are a working professional, a parent, a carer, have pets, have regular hobbies, there is always something that needs to be done!

Usually, it is our physical activity that takes the back seat when up against the components above, because it is easy to say that you are too tired after your day to do a 1/2 hour session, or maybe even feel guilty having ‘you time’ when you have a family.

My reason for these blogs, as I have said before, is to inspire others to achieve their fitness goal – male or female! It’s easy for me; I work a standard 9-5 shift Monday to Friday, I have no children or other dependents, my free time is to do with what I please…Alright for me some would say! And yes, for me it is easier to get up for a 7am session and then go off to work…or get in at 6pm and go to a session at 9pm, realising that this is not the case for a lot of people who, like me, have fitness goals to achieve.

It got me thinking; which social group tends to find it most difficult to find time to exercise….?


I am not stereotyping here, I am going by observations throughout my time in a gym environment and by views shared by my fellow WOW ladies 🙂

I thought it might be quite interesting to look at a few ladies stories, their progress photos and what goals they have set themselves and what they have already achieved. I have picked three different types of stories to get some varied results….hopefully you will find the stories as inspiring as I did…!


Georgie Napolitano

Before: April 2013

After: August 2013

Georgie is a young mother, living independently with her 11 month old son.

Childcare, as well as financial, restraints meant that joining a gym was out of the question and buying lots of healthy meat and veg wasn’t the top of her priority list! Instead, she tweaked her current lifestyle to suit her newly acquired routine better. Firstly, she managed her portion control better, as well as making better choices when it came to the types of food she bought.

Secondly, she exercises at home while her son is asleep or sitting happily in his highchair eating. One of the workouts she favours is the Card Work out – simple but very effective! She also makes a conscious effort to get out of the house most days for a walk with the buggy – which she says has done wonders for her arms! 😉 and now her little one can walk (and run!) and now has the added bonus of chasing him around and taking him to the park.

I think you’d agree, she did extremely well in four months! She is still determined to get back her pre -baby figure, but has reached a milestone recently by feeling comfortable enough to wear a pair of skinny high-waisted jeans and a crop top! Keep it up Georgie!


Katrina Gillam

Before: June 2013

After: September 2013

Having tried pretty much every fad diet you can think of to slim down in time for her wedding, Katrina eventually hit her dress size and weight target after simply eating clean – no processed foods or sugars, similar to paleo.

As luck would have it, she conceived on her honeymoon and had a daughter in March this year. Katrina wasn’t able to join any exercise groups whilst pregnant but was a keen runner before the pregnancy, so she continued with her running up until she was about 20 weeks through the pregnancy.

After the birth, she received a gift of a 3 month pass to classes run by Becky Lane (fitness instructor based in Basingstoke that she had previously trained with)  which was just the incentive she needed. Admittedly, it took around 10 weeks for her to fall back into clean eating and training routine, and also doing some at home exercises, but she is glad she did. So far, Katrina has lost nearly 2 stone and is 3 dresses sizes smaller! Her ultimate goal is to lose another stone and a half to be back at her pre-wedding weight – and she wants to achieve this by her daughters 1st birthday. Judging by her progress already, I think she could do this easily!

A big thank you to Georgie and Katrina for allowing me to share their photos and stories today!!

I’m sure most mothers could relate to any of the 3 stories above – and can hopefully find some inspiration from these lovely ladies!

So here is something for you to think about….What excuse will you use the next time you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see…? What will you do about it? What is your goal and what are you doing to reach that goal?

Have a great weekend al!!

Franki x


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