Process of elimination

Process of elimination

Wow, what a hectic month I have had….! And it’s not just the Christmas shopping and festive planning that is taking  up my time, as I am sure many of you can sympathise!

Anyway…I plan to do a few blogs between now and Christmas, as I know some people find this season exceptionally difficult to keep focused…I always found this, but am hoping this year will be different!

I finished off last time telling you I was trying a new eating plan…

*The Elimination Diet*

The idea of this diet is that you ‘eliminate’ foods that are most likely to cause a reaction when consumed – and most notably, these are foods that are eaten more commonly, or would usually be the staple, go to foods, in your diet.

This diet was brought to my attention by Ru Anderson of Exceed Nutrition a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I follow on the wonderful world of Facebook.

I was feeling particularly rubbish the day I saw his post – I have been training my bum off for months and was feeling like I had hit a brick wall – I had also had my biosig that morning and feeling disappointed with my result (it’s a girl thing most people would argue…we are never happy!)

It was aimed at those who eat well but, like me, have come to a standstill…..PERFECT! Just what I needed to read! After reading the plan in detail and then reading the Do’s and Don’ts of the diet, I was convinced it was right for me to do!

Here is the link to Ru’s blog, detailing The Theory of the Diet, as well as all the information you need to do this effectively.

So…I started my quest on November 11th, fridge full of all cuts of Lamb…different fish and lots fruit and veg! I had previously been avoiding fruit and certain veggies, the higher carb ones, but if they weren’t on the Don’t list, they went in the fridge!

Yes, admittedly, the first 3 days were a bit like torture…! No black coffee in the morning, not even a green tea whilst freezing in my office….Craving a fat juicy steak each time James would cook one in the morning….argh!

But honestly, by day 5 (a Friday nonetheless) it felt like second nature to ask Zuz for a hot water and not a tea at hers in the evening…and even managed to avoid the temptation of a lunch date with Georgie, instead insisting she came over to me so I could eat properly! I was certainly committed!

It also encouraged me to be more creative with the foods I have been eating, and so I have been all over the internet and the books I have, adapting recipes I have found.

Here are some foodie pics of some of the dishes I have been trying, Including Lamb Mussaman Curry made from scratch, Pan Fried Lamb Fillet,  Celeriac Crisps, Lamb Chilli, made with no tomatoes, Salmon Salad, King Prawn and Yellow Pepper Salad and Lamb Stuffed Courgettes (no pic),

My food was all cooked in Coconut Oil or Goose Fat – no butter or other oils.

I followed this to the tee for 14 days…..The best thing about it is that not only was I going to bed with no bloating each night, I was sleeping better and generally felt happier in the day – be that about myself or just in general!!

I also dropped about 2.5kgs in weight and 1% in body fat which was great news as I had been finding it difficult to shift..!

On day 15, I decided that as I had been feeling so good, that I would start the reintroduction phase…tomatoes being the first to be added to the pan. I did notice that my stomach didn’t like them at all! It gurgled for about half an hour after eating, and I hadn’t had this for two weeks! This highlighted to me that Tomatoes are probably something I should avoid from my diet!!

On day 16, I reintroduced dairy and I had no reaction at all. I thought I would bloat or feel rubbish straight away, but nothing!! This make me very happy as it meant I could eat Ice Cream and Chocolate again 😉

Day 17 however, I had to stop the elimination diet….day surgery meant I couldn’t eat in the morning, was pumped full of anaesthetic and then the thought of food for the rest of the day made me feel ill….although when I came round, the first thing I had was a nice big cup of black coffee….so you could say that was reintroduction? Again, no reaction, so I can drink it again! But after all that, I really don’t crave coffee like I did just three weeks ago…Typical!

Since recovery, I have started the ED again and really want to feel how I did on day 16!

Here is my progress pic on the evening of Day 16…I had a little ab poking through…yay!!

franki 7

I didn’t manage to do the ED for the Full 4-6 weeks as Ru has recommended, due to the unforeseen surgery circumstance (which was NOTHING to do with the diet!!) which I am totally gutted about, as I could see I was getting results and feeling great! So as I said, I am doing ED for the run up to Xmas to feel normal again, and then in the New Year, I will do the full 4-6 weeks and then update you on the progress / intolerance results from that.

What will you be doing in the run up to Christmas? Are you setting any goals to reach before the 25th? How are you keeping yourself on track? Or are you not fussed and doing what the hell you like throughout December? Leave your comments below 🙂

I will post weekly Monday Motivation posts from now until Christmas – tips for training, food ideas and keeping you updated with my preparation of my first Christmas Hosting experience! (OK, well Boxing Day, but that still counts!)

Franki x


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