The Apps I love right now

The Apps I love right now

How are we all? Still firmly on our New Years wagon as we enter the third month of the year?!

I am…just!!

As usual,  I have a mega busy schedule and I am trying so hard to not let it get in the way of my training and health commitments.

I have found a way to keep me focussed, stay on track and more importantly, think about ME (I have always had the habit of putting others before me… even if it comes at a cost to myself..!)

How, you ask? Health apps, my dear readers, that’s how. People are quick to criticise smartphones and the abundance of apps available, but come on now, it’s 2017 and we live in a digital world…get over it.

Anyway! Here are the 9 apps I’m currently using to reset and refocus;


If you know me, (and by now I think you do) you now I’m loving yoga; not just because it chills me out and I love a good stretch, but because it’s helped heal me! Doing just 15mins of yoga flow a day has kept the Dr away. Yoga Studio has more sessions ready available and is a paid for app, whereas DownDog is free but fairly limited. You can however upgrade to a full version to unlock different flows, music and practices.


If like me you spend the majority of your day at your desk, you’ll feel my pain – I don’t move enough in the day! If I’m up to my eyeballs in a spreadsheet or am deep into my creative flow and busy creating infographics, I can sometimes stay glued to my chair for up to 3 hours, bar a coffee break. This is where Stand Up steps in; you can pre-set it to remind you on certain days and in specific locations to simply stand up, at a time interval to suit you. I set it to every 60 mins and make sure I get up, walk around or even use a lacrosse ball in my hips / glutes.


This year I really wanted to get an understanding of my cycle; it can be so all over the place with my endo but I know that certain days of the cycle should mean you exercise and eat differently to accommodate. Hence Clue. Not only can you track your cycle length, it has plenty of features to help you understand it, too. You can log everything from how your moods and cravings have been on any day, to how heavy your period is and if you are in any sort of pain. It sends you notifications on your most fertile days, the optimal days to do a breast check and notifies you if your period is late.


Ah the art of meditation. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried these apps sooner. I am terrible sleeper, I often lay awake for a good 90mins after lights out, praying I’ll nod off at some point…I have been using the two apps above over the last 6 weeks or so and my god has my sleep improved! Each session is about 10mins or so, yet lately, I am fast asleep before I hear one end. Amazing. I can’t recommend using one of these apps to anyone who struggles to switch off, more!


These apps are a great supplement to my calisthenics training as they are full of bodyweight workouts. Earn points per work out to progress to higher levels and unlock new workouts. Make new friends, follow their progress and get ideas for your own workouts. Ideal if you can’t get to a gym too as many can be done in the park or even in your living room!


An oldie but a goodie; if you’re not already using it, you should be. I know not everyone tracks macros, and that’s cool. It can be time consuming and boring, and downright confusing. But if you’re struggling to lose weight, confused as to why your seemingly ‘clean’ diet has stopped working or don’t seem to be bulking in the way that you hoped, simply logging the food you eat each day is a good way to identify what may be going wrong; be it under eating on protein or carbs, or overall calories, or overeating on the sugar and fats.

Do you use any of the above or have any I could add to my list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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