“Why haven’t you tried Crossfit?”

“Why haven’t you tried Crossfit?”

My answer isn’t a simple one, and may be a bit controversial, but you know how I like honesty! I’ll try and make it quick…

Why haven’t I tried Crossfit?

Well, a number of reasons really. Although the training style isn’t too dissimilar to activities we do at EBW (Olympic Lifting, Tyre Flipping and High Reps if you’re in my class ? ), it’s the principle behind the training.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tarnishing all Crossfit Boxes with the same brush here, I’m sure they aren’t half as bad as the minority that give it a bad rep…In fact, many do run safe, well instructed WODs and have done a great deal in terms of getting people into fitness. One of my oldest friends Aimee had been involved in Crossfit for a number of years and is even an instructor, but that doesn’t affect our friendship!

My dislike (and I use that word carefully) for the pass time created by Dave Castro came from a video I once watched back in the day, in which a gynaecologist said “in her professional opinion, it’s ok to pee during a workout”


I’m sure plenty of Female Health Specialists will have a bit to say about this, too.

What I hated the most, was that these women seem to be admitting to it proudly… “Yep, I pee during workouts” is not something to shout about, it means you have a weak pelvic floor, something that affects most women, regardless of how many children they have or haven’t had.


What kind of example is that to set for ladies? If you have the urge to go mid squat / deadlift / jump, you need some rehabilitation my dear – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, at all, you just need to stop the problem before you start leaving puddles on the gym floor!

Thus far, that’s why I had avoided Crossfit.

Then I watched The Fittest on Earth; a documentary about the 2015 Crossfit Games. Shocker.

Yes, the workouts were brutal, after all, that’s the reputation that the sport has come to have, right?  But come on people, whatever happened to safety first?

Let’s look at ‘Murph’, a workout featured in the doc. Competitors must run 1 mile, complete 100 pull ups (those odd kipping ones ? … don’t get me started on the possible wreckage these can cause your shoulders) 200 Press Ups, 300 Air Squats and another 1 mile run. In blistering heat. Yep, be safe, drink water and wear sunscreen, but playing mind games with the competitors is dangerous.

In the middle of his air squats and in need of water, one guy, Mat Frazer says Castro walked by and said that “we can’t bring you that water bottle, the ice cooler is full though. If you wanna stop and get a bottle, you’re allowed to do that” but Mat knew full well that if he stopped, he’d be disqualified from the workout, costing him precious points.

I know that’s a decision the competitor is aware of and has to make, but still putting them in that position is awful. One woman is even stretchered off soon after collapsing over the finishing line.

Later on, we saw the Snatch Speed Ladder – 3 rounds of increasingly heavy snatches for speed. Ok, but when you snatch normally, don’t you take your time to set up before attempting a heavy lift that can go dangerously wrong if not executed correctly?! And these athletes were needing to run between the bars, do the snatches as quick as possible and not injure themselves? Stupid. Sorry, but it is.


Again, I know this isn’t necessarily true of standard boxes and WODs, but the concept behind the training methods needs to be reviewed. There’s training optimally and being stupid, and somewhere, the line has been slightly blurred…

Oh, and another reason to further cement my disinterest in trying it? Dave Castro thinks it’s appropriate, given recent events in the news, to offer the winner of the 2016 Games  a Glock Hand Gun

ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS?! I would not want to be associated with a business / model / concept with someone like that at the forefront. It’s madness.

“As long as guns are legal in the U.S. based off of our constitutional right, nothing is changing.”

That’s disgusting.

So yes, there’s a couple of reasons why I haven’t, and probably will never, try Crossfit.

Rant over….!

Anyway, I am fully aware that many of my friends have tried, or regularly partake in Crossfit, I just hope they are regulated correctly and are able to train in a safe environment. This may be a one sided argument and I welcome comments on your opinions on the matter 😀

But the peeing things is what REALLY does it for me…seriously?! ?



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